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Do you want to go green? Looking for alternatives to save more energy?

Building high-performance, energy efficient homes in Yakima, WA, has become a hot trend these days. Installing solar panels and including features such as wind power and geothermal heating aren’t the defining features of green living anymore.

A well-designed and well-insulated green home utilizes minimal energy to heat, light, and run home appliances. Yes, a well-insulated home improves heat performance, whereas solar panels won’t compensate for heat and moisture leakage through walls and windows. At Fisher Construction, LLC, we understand this and create energy efficient home designs in Yakima, WA, to create high-performing, resilient homes in our community.

Why Should You Consider Energy Efficient Homes in Yakima, WA

Are you wondering why invest in energy efficient homes in Yakima, WA? The answer is simple: you will save more energy and money. With great energy and money savings, your home will be more comfortable, durable, and a better place to dwell. Before designing an energy efficient home, you must explore different options such as financing, home energy usage, and more to cut energy use and costs.

Our professionals at Fisher Construction, LLC performs a home energy assessment before the beginning of your project to identify the energy usage at your home and come up with the best energy efficient home design ideas in Yakima, WA. We consider all the variables, details, and interactions that affect the energy usage at your home and provide the right plan that meets your unique requirements.

Energy Efficient Homes in Yakima, WA – Our Solutions

ICF Home Design in Yakima, WA – Disaster-Resistant and Durable Homes

Do you want to build a home that provides comfort and efficiency at the same time? ICF home design in Yakim, WA, is your ideal option! ICF home is the newest home building renovation trend that comes with numerous energy benefits. It requires less energy to heat and cool, has minor structural leaks, resistance to weather fluctuations, high longevity, and more. We specialize in creating beautiful yet functional ICF home designs that increase the value of your home.

According to recent reports, homes built with ICF need 30% less energy to cool and 40% less energy to heat compared to houses made of wood. Depending on the size of your home, the energy savings may vary. Here are a few benefits of ICF home design.

Less Structural Leaks:

As mentioned earlier, installing solar panels can help you save energy to an extent, but they are unable to compensate for the energy loss caused by windows and walls. When it comes to ICF homes, it has a tighter-fitting structure that leads to less air leakage and prevents outdoor air infiltration.

Withstands Different Climates:

When compared to wood-framed homes, ICF home design in Yakima, WA, withstands year-round climates. Moreover, ICF homes have an energy savings range that is 9% higher than wood-framed homes.

HVAC Savings:

ICF-built homes have a higher energy-efficient design that encourages the use of compact and cost-effective furnaces and compressors. This not only results in higher energy savings but also reduces construction costs by $500 minimum.


Unlike wood-framed homes, ICF homes have concrete exterior walls that reduce energy leakages and prevent issues that affect your energy saving benefits.

Faswall Design Yakima, WA – Live Peacefully in Drought and Wet Conditions

A well-designed and well-insulated home is a lasting legacy for your family! Faswall homes are built to last. These homes are built with organic, non-toxic wall blocks that are crucial for zero-energy homes and buildings and provide breathable, energy-efficient walls. At Fisher Construction, LLC, we help you create the best Faswall design in Yakima, WA, which gives you strong, fire-resistance walls and a calm and quiet interior.

Do you want to build a home with the best interior air quality? Faswall blocks are made with a unique blend of wood and concrete that improves the quality of indoor air. Moreover, it can resist mold and mildew growth and can easily stand for years.

Are you living in a region with frequent forest fires? Faswall homes are fire-resistant and can withstand a lot more heat than forest fires. If you are living in regions where flooding and major storms are common, you can also choose Faswall home design. Yes, Faswall holds up well in wet conditions and has no to less deterioration over time.

ZIP R Sheathing Installation Yakima, WA – A Revolutionary Solution to Reduce Air Leakage

Did you know reducing air leakage can improve energy efficiency and minimize energy costs? Our elite team at Fisher Construction, LLC specializes in ZIP R sheathing installation in Yakima, WA, and helps homeowners enjoy energy efficient homes. The ZIP R system is an innovative and revolutionary structural system for roofs and walls to prevent air leakage and prevent water intrusion. ZIP R sheathing is easy to install and involves a simple two-step installation process. Adding this exterior insulation to your home prevents excess heat loss and increases the overall energy efficiency of your home. We use ZIP R sheathing panels that provide nailable substrate for windows and wall coverings. These panels come in different insulation thicknesses and R-values. Depending on your home’s energy needs and other features, we choose the right panel that provides high-performance and other energy benefits.

Our professionals help you upgrade to the ZIP system and promise completing the project on time and within budget without compromising the quality. ZIP R sheathing installed by our experts provides a great reduction in air leakage and ensures that your home stands healthy and sound for years to come.

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